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AI ready to go fishing

AI ready to go fishing

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Heisman Rankings: Week 8


Dak Prescott and the Mississippi State Bulldogs had a bye week this week, despite not playing Dak returns atop the Heisman rankings. Dak should continue his dominance next week against one of the weaker teams in the SEC, Kentucky. Dak, despite the bye week stayed atop most statistical rankings. Mississippi State will have some tough games down the road so the rankings could change the closer we…

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Heisman Rankings: Week 7


Dak Prescott went out and showed the whole world that he is the best player on the field on the best team. It is still only week 7, but Dak has the most quality wins in the most difficult division in College Football (Sec West). Prescott will have a bye week followed by playing one of the poor teams in the SEC, Kentucky. He should still be high in the rankings for the next few weeks easily.


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